Body Kind

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been wanting to start up something like this for a while now, ever since I began switching up my lifestyle almost 2 years ago. This ‘switch up’ that I refer to was my decision to simply try out vegetarianism. I had ideas and regular hankerings to do it for a long time but there was always something that stopped it; me. I wanted to do it for the animals mainly, but ditching the meat entirely could also prove to me that I could start something that meant a lot to me and see it through.

I wasn’t a terrible eater. But I didn’t have the best relationship with food by any means. Through school and college I had regular spells of losing my appetite because of an abundance of stress with exams and deadlines always looming. I never placed importance on eating well, I just did it to function. I didn’t really enjoy it.

Of course not eating the right food meant I felt lethargic with little energy or buzz to myself.After college almost 2 years ago, I seen the documentary Vegucated on Netflix. It explored the journey of a group of people who wished to adopt a Vegan diet. Afterwards I stopped eating most meat. I did allow myself fish occasionally to sort of ease myself into it.

Over time, I found myself cutting out the fish, embracing fruits and vegetables and gradually cutting all ties with animal products. You too, cheese. I found cheese to be quite hard to stay away from initially but that was before I laid eyes on the plethora of dairy-free alternatives! To my delight, the alternative turned out to be a holy grail find as I am now quite addicted to Violife cheeses.

These past few months of being ‘plant strong’ have been life-changing (not being hyperbolic at all) and body-changing. I feel lighter with tonnes of energy, I eat to fuel my body for the day ahead and detest any form of calorie restriction. Low and behold I eat a lot more and still feel trim. I eat junk food too, of course. Oreo’s are my true weakness as is Nobó and Booja-Booja ice-creams. It’s all about balance! When I nourish my body with an array of goodness from fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice etc, every part of me thrives, and I love it.

Welcome to the Kind Life x



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