Kind Beauty

Let’s hear it for some facts on animal testing…

  • More than 100 million animals are killed each year in labs across the world.
  • Procedures are performed on living animals for research into biology & diseases, new medicinal products, human health, safety of consumer products like cosmetics and household cleaners.
  • Such procedures include oral force-feeding, forced inhalation, skin or injection into the abdomen, muscle, etc. Food and water deprivation, infliction of pain, wounds, burns and other injuries to study healing, genetic manipulation, and sadly the list goes on! For more on this click here.
  • The most common types of animals used are mice, fish, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, cats and dogs.
  • Aside from the ethical issues it poses, the use of animals in testing is completely unnecessary and unreliable. It provides little understanding of how chemicals behave in the human body ( as human skin and body are so different to that of the animal) and in many cases do not correctly predict real-world human reactions.

YIKES, right? There are more facts that I could write here but one blog post just wouldn’t be enough really. Choosing cruelty-free brands for my makeup and skincare was not as straightforward as I had thought. It has consisted of a lot of trial and error. Especially when your skin is as sensitive and temperamental as mine is. But it has been one of the best and easiest decisions for me to make. I want no part in this disgusting, completely unnecessary act that is inflicted on animals. I have finally found amazing cruelty-free products that work for me and there are so many brands to choose from. Unfortunately, many premium, luxury brands continue to partake in animal testing and one of the reasons for this is these companies sell in the Chinese market. Law in China dictates that only products that have been tested will be allowed for human use/consumption. Make of that what you will.

Bottom line: let’s look at this from an ethical point of view. Would you be OK with your own pet dog or cat being subjected to all the above for the sake of a freaking lipstick? I sure wouldn’t. And I’m so glad I found out about all of this. Knowing where and how the products I pay for and use on a daily basis arrive on the shelves of beauty stores and pharmacies. Making an informed decision based on the facts like those above, and feeling happier and at peace knowing I choose compassionate brands like those I have linked below. Take a look!

Choose kindness. X

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