The Jane Goodall Effect

I’m a real sucker for a good quote. I just love how a collection of words can have so much meaning and impact. Some may say hey, they are only words. But I believe words and ideas can change people, and can change the world. And this is how I was introduced to a very extraordinary woman, Jane Goodall. And just like that, my eyes became very, very open. So before you read on or do anything else cast your own eyes to a wonderful interview with her below. Let’s just say, it’s packed to the hilt with so many quotes that I can’t even deal.

Whenever I feel somewhat disillusioned with the world around me (because let’s face it, the world is pretty messed up) I regularly come back to watch it, and I am always happily reminded of how grateful I am that such a human being exists. And incredibly inspired. I find that I am always drawn to people who want to try and help. People who help other people, who help animals or help the planet. I think it just gives me something/someone to look up to. Jane has such a humility about her, such kindness! She’s a woman who has dedicated her life to learning, studying and protecting primates in Africa. She has taught more about chimpanzees than anyone else in the world, challenged scientists to redefine the long-held ‘differences’ between humans and other primates, and has been a compassionate voice for the ethical treatment of all animals. In particular she has spoken against their use in laboratory testing, vivisection and entertainment. When their usage leads to intense physical or mental suffering. For as long as I can remember I have always cared for animal welfare. I was always struck by their inability to speak. They have no voice. And it’s why I will always care. The fact that stupid people like Donald Trump have a voice that is allowed to speak absolute nonsense and they don’t is beyond me. They can’t voice when they are suffering, and it is utterly heartbreaking. People like Jane are a voice for the voiceless, and the world will always be better for it. And I will always be too.

The least I can do is speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

For more information on Jane Goodall here is a link to a list of some of her published books.

Here’s to living kinder lives. X


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