Your dream life

Dream of the life you want, but don’t forget to make it happen.

This is my story.

Start yours too.

Hi, I’m Lyndsey. A wander-lusting, animal-obsessed affiliate marketing entrepreneur. I found the freedom lifestyle a few months ago with a dream to live a more meaningful and adventurous life. I always wanted to run my own business but I never knew where to begin. I wanted to work with people or products that were aligned to my passions and beliefs.

My passions lie in nature, the environment, health, animals and travel. I wanted to just be outdoors! With nature, the fresh air, with animals, exploring somewhere new and different. Thankfully this business of mine allows me to have that in my life. I am on my path to ditch my sales job for good so I can take my online business with me wherever I go in the world.

Did I mention I have a big dose of wanderlust in me too? I long to see more of this vast world. So all I need is my laptop or smartphone and good wifi and I am good to go. I would see people on instagram living this so-called ‘laptop lifestyle’. Greece one week, Australia another. And having a steady and growing income also! I wanted a piece of the cake, too!

Turns out there are a lot of scams involving this whole idea of ‘making money online’ and fortunately there a small few that are genuine. I am no whizkid when it comes to technology. I try and I have learned a lot through this business. What seems to be glaringly obvious is how much the internet has shaped the 21st century, both good and bad. But it is clear to me the internet is not going anywhere.

So this outdoor-loving girl does embrace the internet in her business. I get to connect with similar women and men all over the world wanting to live a life of more meaning- to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs, have more time freedom at home, earn extra income- and I get to help them on their way! I very much enjoy this.

As a marketer I work with one company and their products. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a distributor for Enagic and their life-changing Kangen Water. I say life-changing and I am not being hyperbolic in the slightest. I want to also add health-giving, nourishing and sustainable. It ticks all my boxes. The health benefits of Kangen water are numerous. It is what is produced in Enagic’s alkaline mineral ionising filter water machines. Not all water is created equal and ever since I purchased my Kangen water machine I have been drinking it ever since feeling better with every glass. No more plastic bottles and chemical water for me.

I could go on and on about this but out of fear of yapping away I will conclude with this:

My journey towards financial and life freedom has been one of the most challenging, uplifting, life-changing, and empowering journeys of my life.

And I am forever grateful

*for more information please get in touch and I would be happy to chat!


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