Be true, Be you, Be kind

Not only does my title have a nice ring to it (I do love the English language) it’s also the tagline used on this little blog site of mine. Why, you may ask? Well here is a little more about me.



I am a strong proponent and lover of staying true to oneself and spreading kindness and love wherever one goes. Being a nice person. Having compassion for humans and animals. You could say it is a personal goal of mine. I’m always trying to be better and improve myself every day. Something as simple as being a kinder person can truly move mountains in the lives of you and others around you. If I can put a smile on someone’s face or make someone feel a lot better than they were before, it makes me feel so happy.


I will always believe in the power that humanity can bring to the table. There just needs to be a switch turned on in a person’s mind before any action of change can be made. I know this because that is how my own perspective changed for me. I was always a compassionate person but it took certain events in my life brought on by my own decisions that propelled my true self to spill to the surface. Giving up meat in 2014 was a very personal decision. And very necessary for my own sense of right and wrong. From a young age eating meat just never felt right for me. At a young age I didn’t talk about it, I couldn’t explain it and perhaps I didn’t understand those feelings until I got older. It sure as hell was a gut instinct and I’ve been following that through ever since. For me personally, there is no difference between a dog and a pig or a cat and a sheep. By that I mean that I see them as equals, I see them all as sentient beings and I do not separate one as a pet and the other as food.


Animals fill me up with immense joy. It’s hard to put into words just how much. I get all excited and silly. Yes, I am that one who plays with the dog at a party instead of conversing with strangers. I just think animals are amazing creatures and I am so happy we get to coexist in this world. Which brings me to something that saddens me greatly. The suffering of any animal whether from cruelty, neglect, animal testing, horrid factory farming practices etc is something that deeply upsets and angers me. It is also what I feel a lot of people in first world countries are not either aware of or care about. These incredible beings have no voice to use to retaliate or announce their suffering. Suffering that is at the hands of us humans. As much as I believe in humanity, when it comes to this we have without question failed our animal friends and we NEED to face that reality.


With this blog I hope to bring more light, love, kindness, awareness and compassion to all that read it.

Stay loving & kind x

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